Childcare and Education Centre, Gisborne


At Sticky Fingers Childcare & Education Centre we believe that children learn best through play and planned experiences. We offer a safe, challenging, extensive outdoor area with a variety of stimulating activities and apparatus to encourage exploration, independence and social interaction. Our indoor environment is open plan to allow children the opportunity to make their own choices from the variety of resources that are displayed within their reach.

At Sticky Fingers Nursery we acknowledge and understand that infants and toddlers experience life in an holistic way. Therefore we will slow the pace down and get to know each child’s unique way of communicating. This will allow us to be better informed about how to respond to his or her cues ensuring the child experiences responsive, reciprocal, respectful interactions. variety of resources that are displayed within their reach.   By following the curriculum Te Whariki within our centre we acknowledge Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of development, therefore children are provided with opportunities to interact with and explore the environment, other children and teachers to enhance their learning and development. We acknowledge and support the tuakana/teina strategy of learning that is significant to Maori, where the more skilled peer, tuakana, scaffolds the less competent child, teina, to a higher level of understanding.

By providing a primary care system we believe children, parents and teachers will develop trusting responsive and reciprocal relationships which will help alleviate stress for children and enhance their emotional well-being, belonging, safety and security within the centre

We understand that the provision of routines such as the feeding and changing of babies and young infants is the perfect opportunity to engage in sensitive, responsive and co-operative interactions that allow the development of synchrony and harmony between teachers and children. When this happens children develop trusting and secure relationships. The care of children will be based around their own routines.

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